30- Shootıng Illustrated Mar14 Uts-15 On The Cover

Kapak Resimli Mart 14 UTS-15 Çekim"It's a changing world out there, and the challenges to our safety we face today are different from only a decade ago. Just look at the headlines. Terrorist attacks or natural disasters coupled with inadequate response from local authorities can leave thousands to fend for themselves. The looming threat of a manmade disaster or economic collapse poses the potential for social unrest. Any of these scenarios can result in large gangs of looters or worse. In today's world, staying safe and keeping your family protected requires a plan—and the means—for dealing with the threat of multiple attackers.Given that concept and based on the gun's 15-shot capacity alone, the new UTS-15 pump-action shotgun from UTAS USA is a compelling option for defensive situations." You can read more this great article from below link. Thanks to Bryce M. Towsley from SHOOTING ILLUSTRATED magazine.